Room for More Improvement

I believe that my writing has gotten a little bit better over the semester. I have liked the fact that we have been able to choose a lot of our topics. That way we actually might have a passion about what we will be writing about. I have learned to take out unnecessary words that are just filler and don’t have a purpose for being there. One area that I continue to struggle in is grammar. Grammar has always been a struggle for me and it continues to be. I am either adding a comma where it’s not needed or not putting one where it is needed. That goes for semi colons as well. Although, my use of semi colons is getting a little better.

My favorite topic that we were to write about was the most recent: the argumentative essay. I enjoyed writing this because I felt very strongly about my specific topic and had a personal experience to make me feel the way I feel. I had a lot of information to back up my position and the personal experience helps with the persuasion part. I also would like to go into naturopathic medicine after graduating from George Fox, so I did more research that helped add more convincing evidence. However, because I had such strong feelings about my topic it made writing the essay a little more difficult. It is supposed to be a persuasive essay, but I am afraid that it may sound like too much of an opinion.


Just For Fun

I have kept a journal for the majority of my life so I believe that I will keep that up after college. Writing out my thoughts helps me think and honestly I just like to document my thoughts and actions.

I recently found a journal from when I was a little, boy crazed, girl. It is pretty humorous to read my young thoughts. It makes me look back on things and to relive the moments that I wrote about. That is one of the reasons why I write; I like to be able to read past events that went on in my life. Sometimes I will reread something and realize that I had forgotten that moment up until I read it again.

I will never stop texting, that’s for sure. I have a Facebook but I never post anything, maybe I will in the future. That is how a lot of adults stay in touch with relatives and classmates.

For my career, I will most definitely have to keep writing. I would like to either become a school psychologist or become a naturopathic physician. If I become a psychologist I will have to write up reports on students as well as do research papers. If I go the naturopathic route, I will have to write up diagnostics and take notes for myself to keep track of patients. Either route, I will have to do some sort of writing. It will be very formal writing, which I am not used to because my journal is completely me. It’s got a lot of voice in it. That’s what my education is for, with time I will learn to write formally.

Women Should Not Be Ashamed

Dear Nicholas Kristof,

I was very moved by your article on fistulas in young women across the world. I could not believe the horrors that Mahabouba went through, and at such a young age. It is very sad to know that women get treated so poorly by their tribes when something happens that they have no control over. Those women shouldn’t feel ashamed of themselves to the point where they give up on life. Dr. Arrowsmith is a wonderful doctor who dedicates his life to something that truly matters.

The fact that he created a relationship with Mahabouba and was still in contact with her when she got older is very cool. She is a very strong woman; to endure something so traumatizing, be shunned by her tribe, and left for death. That would make anyone give up. She fought for her life and she should be an inspiration for all women.

I really felt for the women talked about in your article. There is no way that I would be able to say I know how they feel, but I got a sense of their pain and helplessness. It was awful to read, honestly. The details were so descriptive and appalling to read but I wanted to keep reading about those women and their recoveries. It was a very interesting article and I learned a lot of information by reading it. It is sad to know that this sort of thing goes on in our world today, but there are ways to help!


I would like to discuss the certitude essay and how I feel about what Gary L. Tandy had to say. I agree with him. A lot of people are strictly either for or against same sex marriage. Even though my beliefs are that marriage should be for a man and a woman, I am still open to discussion on whether or not gay and lesbians have the right to marry as well. I am the type of person who is open minded and is willing to consider everyone’s story. Even if I do not agree with their decisions, I still am able to understand where they are coming from. Everyone deserves to be able to express their love through marriage and not have to worry about what other people will think of them. If it were me, I would not want someone telling me I did not have the right to love the person that I wanted to love.

A lot of times, this subject creates a hostile environment and is considered a very hot topic in this day and age, but it shouldn’t. People should be more open minded and willing to hear the other side of the story. If it were them, they would want to be heard. I don’t believe people take the time to put themselves in the others shoes when they start judging whether or not same sex couples should get married or not. When people do that, that’s when arguments happen and people start judging.


This case occurred almost exactly three years ago; on October 24, 2011, Tulsa cartoonist David Simpson was suspected of copying another artists’ cartoon from years prior. First of all, I was completely unaware that art could be plagiarized, I thought plagiarism only applied to writing.

David Simpson had copied one of Jeff MacNelly’s editorial cartoons from years ago. Alan Gardner, editor, studied the two cartoons to figure out why they looked so similar. He placed them side by side and even laid them on top of each other, one outlined in red the other in blue so he could see if there were any differences. There were minimal differences; the smallest details were drawn in, Simpson had it “down the blades of grass, the trash on the ground.” Another cartoon editor from, Tom Spurgeon, had similar things to say: “This appears to be outright wholesale appropriation, with enough effort involved for it be deliberate,..”

Simpson did not get a penalty for this specific plagiarism, he resigned from his position at the Urban Weekly. However, he has a record for plagiarizing and has had penalties at his previous jobs. For instance, Simpson worked for Tulsa World from 1992-2005 and was fired for plagiarizing. He had copied an editorial cartoon from 1981 that was originally drawn by Bob Englehart. Simpson has had multiple occurrences for plagiarizing.

I believe that what he did should be considered plagiarism. There is no way that Simpson could have copied the cartoon from Jeff MacNelly without looking right at the image itself and drawing it freehand. That was intentional and considered plagiarism. Plus, the fact that he has had multiple other incidents of plagiarizing other artists’ work, he knows what he is doing, it just took a little while for people to realize it.

Andelman, Bob. Could Tulsa cartoonist be a two-time plagiarist?. Poynter. November 1, 2011. Web. October 25, 2014.

Grunting WILL help you serve harder

I believe this article to be a perfect example of how correlation is not causation. This article talks about how when athletes were told to grunt when serving they ended up serving five miles an hour faster than when they did not grunt. The article includes a link to the actual study and when you read it, if you aren’t a scientist who understands scientific lingo, you will never understand it! It is filled with scientific psychobabble.

There are other factors that play into why people grunt when they serve and why people may hit harder than others. The simple answers would be that the person may have just gotten stronger, it was a good hit that hit the sweet spot, or there was really good whipping action of their arm to make the ball go faster. How could the effects of a simple sound have an impact on the speed of a tennis ball?

This article may look appealing to athletes who want to be more aggressive and increase their abilities, but they could just end up grunting for no reason other than the fact that other people are doing it. That is the most appealing thing that comes out of this. People start grunting because they are told that other athletes are doing it and being successful with it. The statistics shown are confusing and full of big, scientific words that no one outside the science world could understand. That is why I believe this article may not be telling the whole truth and how it most likely is psuedoscience.

The Woman Who Knows Everything

I had the opportunity to have an amazing teacher in high school. I had her for honors general science, honors biology and anatomy and physiology. I wish I would have taken her AP biology class so I could have had her for all four years but I am glad I didn’t; I never would have passed that class. She is a very interesting woman. She travels, she does adventure races all over the country, she is the smartest human I know, and she has a heart condition.

Over the four years of me being in high school this teacher and her husband had been to Africa, New Zealand, and many other states around the country. I’m pretty sure she went to at least one other country but I can’t remember exactly which one. Before I had gotten into high school she had traveled to China. One perk about all her travels was that whenever she got back we would have story days and picture days so we could hear all about her trip and see pictures.

She would miss a Monday or even both Monday and Tuesday because she was involved in adventure races. These races include riddle questions that must be solved to move on to the next part. Sometimes the races involve biking, swimming, running, and any other physical activity you can think of. They also include eating and drinking specific things and then having to do something physical right after. These races test your abilities on about everything. Her and her husband are so good at these races that they are even sponsored by an athletic wear company called Athleta. She gets a certain amount of money to spend in there every season and would always talk about it with us, lets just say most of us girls were very jealous.

This woman, to me, is like a walking computer. I swear you can ask her anything and she can spit out an answer! I would always go to her with anything and in class we would always get off topic because we would ask her questions and then get into a class discussion. She is very personable and she became my class’ friend. Because my school was small, the honors students ended up having basically every class together and most of us had her class all at the same time so our relationship with her grew over the years.

After reading all these things about this woman and how active she is and how she stays busy, you would never think that she would have a heart condition. She was born with it and it has to do with one of her atria in her heart being too big so one of them is too small. She has a pace maker in her chest that regulates her heart beat. She does not let this condition affect her every day life or the activities she loves to do. She runs marathons, rides miles upon miles on her bike, she swims, she even played rugby in college! She is absolutely an amazing woman that doesn’t let anything get in the way of what she wants to do.

Other fun facts about this woman: she donates bone marrow every few weeks, she was a professor at OHSU, she doesn’t believe in marriage but her and her ‘significant other’, as she likes to call him, have been together for over ten years. Truly a remarkable human being.